Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crisis Managment on CNN.com...Nice

I'm sitting here writing a huge paper for a class I have Thursday and I check CNN.com and what do I see??? An article about crisis management and its uses. If you read my blog (which is approximately 3 people or so...haha) you know that I did a few posts about the JetBlue thing. Once again, I thought they did a pretty darn good job. I think they took the "mortification" and "corrective action" approach according to Benoit's Image Restoration Theory. I think those are the best two that you could use. Also, they essentially used the "compensation" tactic as well by unveiling a "Customer Bill of Rights," which outlines ways they will compensate those who have been hurt or personally anguished by the airline. Nevertheless, I am really interested in crisis management. I like being in pressure situations and I feel like I could come up with some good ideas...especially since I am a really honest, upfront person. Obviously there would be some lawyer barking at me telling me not to be "too" honest, but whatever. In my opinion (as a future public relations practitioner), winning public opinion is much better for your organization then losing a court case. What is the point of being mum and losing or winning a court case if the public is going to hate you? I'd much rather one person hate me than millions. Don't you agree? Until next time...

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