Monday, February 5, 2007

TBS makes a boo-boo

After reading the article about the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) stuff that went down in Boston, I have to say that TBS probably wasn't thinking. After 9/11 everyone is weary about bombs, terrorists, and so forth. I mean, there is about 5 bombs a day in Iraq it seems. I'm glad the Boston government freaked out. I do believe TBS handled it pretty well. I think they should have been more upfront about the situation. I think their contribution of $2 million and an apology should be enough. I think a "thank you, to Boston's finest" should be in order. That city should feel safer that the police force took such a serious attitude towards the situation.

Also, I have already stated that I'm interested in entertainment PR. Well, after reading Ryan Oneal's explanation for why he fired a gun, there is just no way to make this seem better. If you haven't read it, O'neal fired a gun at his son to avoid being hit with a fireplace poker. So is he insane and fires guns at his son, or is he a terrible father? Either way, not looking good for Mr. O'neal. Until next time...

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kaye said...

Enjoyed your comments on the big Turner issue ... personally, I think that the media completely over-reacted, probably causing the mega-reaction from the city. Why doesn't the media ever pay damages? But from a PR perspective, I think you're right. From a marketing perspective - when all is said and done, I'd love to see how this might impact ticket sales (probably strengthen them among the target demographic).